E-learning in Aviation – a tool for cost reduction

Written on:oktober 24, 2012
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With the current worldwide financial climate, it is essential to reduce costs. One area in which cost reduction can be realized (without the loss of quality and competences of staff) is training by means of e-learning. However, e-learning only saves money if the training is effective. The poorest courses are those that directly convert classroom-based presentations to an online format, not recognizing that computer-based instruction is an entirely different medium.

Since 2010, Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering has developed several e-learning courses that include interactive elements, questions, and trainer voice-over options in English and Dutch. Our customers have indicated that these interactive questions provide an additional dimension to Computer Based Training and make the training effective.

This month we celebrate our 3 year anniversary and we would like to celebrate this with you. Therefore  we have released a discount voucher of 25% applicable to all products in our Advanced E-training webshop.

Feel free to inform everyone in your network about our offer, and have others benefit from this anniversary discount as well.

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