Fuel Tank Safety Level 1 e-learning released in our Advanced E-training webshop

Written on:april 11, 2012
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We have recently released a new e-learing course; Fuel Tank Safety Level 1. This Fuel Tank Safety Training Course includes theoretical and practical Fuel Tank Safety elements and is developed to meet the EASA part 145.A.30(e), part M.A.706(f) Personnel Requirements and EASA part 145.B.10 (3) and part M.B.102(c) Competent Authority Qualification and training requirements.

This course is developed for the group of persons representing the maintenance management structure of
the organisation, the quality manager and the staff required to quality monitor the organisation. and personnel of the competent authorities responsible as per 145.B.30 for the oversight of Part-145 approved maintenance organizations specified in paragraph B).

This Advanced E-training course will provide you with the following:
1. Be familiar with the basic elements of the fuel tank safety issues.
2. Be able to give a simple description of the historical background and the elements requiring a safety consideration, using common words and showing examples of non conformities.
3. Be able to use typical terms.

We are currently also working on Fuel Tank Safety Level 1&2 training e-learning course that will be published soon. Follow our blog to stay updated on the newly released e-learning courses.

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