How to deal with Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs)?

Written on:maart 20, 2012
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It is always difficult to determine if a part is counterfeited or eligible for installation in an aircraft. Part of determination of eligibility is whether a component or part has been properly produced and maintained. The maintenance community often referred to those parts eligible for installation as “ approved parts ”.

Any FAA certified Repair Station is advised to have a Suspected Unapproved Part (SUP) program and needs to train the mechanics and inspectors in recognizing and reporting SUPs.

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) struggle with unapproved and counterfeited parts. Main concern is the safety issue. The reliability of the OEM’s type design can no longer be guaranteed if an unapproved part or counterfeited part is (unintentional) installed by Repair Stations. Each OEM type design and parts have been qualified meeting the certification specifications. Unapproved and counterfeited parts normally are not qualified to meet these specifications.

To prevent an accident or incident happening due to a failing unapproved or counterfeited part, it is important to understand how to recognize an unapproved part and to report this to the authorities (e.g. FAA, EASA).

Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering provides support to the MRO industry in this matter by means of an e-learning course in Suspected Unapproved Parts awareness training.

Our e-learning course provides you with the following skills and attitude:

SKILLS: Recognizing, identifying and understanding Suspected Unapproved Parts and dealing adequately with Suspected Unapproved Parts.

ATTITUDE: being aware that Suspected Unapproved Parts are a major issue for aviation safety; being aware that Suspected Unapproved Parts are not always bad parts but miss evidence for airworthiness and having the willingness to report Suspected Unapproved Parts to the aviation authorities.

This course has been evaluated by the FAA and their response to the course was: “This SUP training program is a very good developed program” .

For more information on our FAA SUP e-learning course, please visit Our Advanced E-training webshop.

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