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Written on:juni 24, 2011
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Knowledge and competence is no longer trained by means of only conventional classroom training. The new way of learning nowadays is Computer Based Training (CBT).

The era of digital and interactive training courses started around the 1980’s with simple training programs. Nowadays we have sophisticated and interactive Computer Based Training programs that are as effective as Conventional Classroom Training courses.

Holland Aviation Consultancy and Engineering offers a training solution called Advanced E-training. This training solution consists out of two phases. Phase I is the E-learning phase. Several E-learning courses are already available online through our Advanced E-training webshop. E-learning courses like Human Factors, EASA part 145 and FAA Suspected Unapproved Parts can be purchased and conducted online. The E-learning courses are being delivered with Dutch and English voice-over options. For more information on the available e-learning courses, visit our Advanced E-training webshop

Training by E-learning

The only disadvantage of training by means of e-learning courses, is the limitation of the interaction between trainer and trainees. Our e-learning courses have voice-over and interactive questions that already make the course effective, but at the end of the e-learning course the trainee can still have questions related to particular subjects or situation at his of her company.

To overcome this limitation, Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering is currently working on implementing Phase II of the Advanced E-training concept; Virtual Classroom Training.

Virtual Classroom Training

Virtual Classroom Training provides the extra dimension of real time interaction between trainer and trainees. The trainee signs up for a Virtual Classroom Training session and buys a User ID Log-in code in our Advanced E-training Webshop. At an arranged date and time, everyone enters the Virtual Classroom by logging in online with the purchased User ID Log-in code. The course will be similar as the e-learning courses provided by HACE, but the voice-over has been replaced by a real time trainer explaining the training contents presented on the computer screen of the trainees. Trainees have the ability to speak to the trainer, see the trainer and be seen by the trainer with the use of webcams and microphones. With this, trainees can ask questions and have discussions with the trainer on specific topics.

Holland Aviation Consultancy & Engineering will provide suitable webcams and microphones for rent to trainees that do not have these required resources. We will start with Virtual Classroom Training sessions at the end of 2011 as a cheaper alternative to Conventional Classroom Courses. With this new training concept, training costs reduction of 30% can be realized. If you or your organization are interested in our new way of learning, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the training solutions we can offer your organisation. Visit our company website for more details on our training solutions

HACE Advanced E-training solutions provide effective ways of training that are innovative, affordable and fun to do.

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