Technical English training for aircraft mechanics?

Written on:juni 8, 2011
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Technical English training for aircraft mechanics?

Is Aviation Technical English training for aircraft mechanics useful and is refresh training necessary? We have been researching the need for Technical English training for non-native English speaking aircraft mechanics. One of the useful tools to do some benchmarking these days is LinkedIn. We’ve posted the question as listed above on several LinkedIn group discussion pages and got a lot of useful feedback.

Most of the reactions we’ve received indicate that there certainly is a need for a Technical English program. Many provided practical examples that indicated insufficient competence in Technical English with non-native English speaking mechanics. But also writing work instructions requires specific communication skills as well. We can conclude that a good Technical English training program with practicle examples is needed in the MRO Industry.

Lack of communication is one of the Dirty Dozen of Human Factors. Not having enough knowledge and competences on Technical English could result in Human Error or even incidents.

One of our training experts, who is a native English speaking Aircraft Engineer and lived for many years in Europe, is therefore currently working on developing a training program consisting out theoretical and practicle classroom courses supported with e-learning modules and e-examinations. This program will be released at the end this year. Keep an eye on our website for more information on the release of this specific training program.

If you or your organization are interested in becoming one of the first to participate in our future Technical English Training Program, please contact us per e-mail ( and you will receive a discount as being one of the first to out try our training solution.

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